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Signage Products

The Sign Company manufacture and design a wide variety of signage products. We also have our own in-house rigging team that can do the final installation and maintenance on your new signs. Both our branches in Cape Town and Gauteng are fully equiped to assit you with all your signage needs.

Our products include the following:

Wayfinding Signs

Wayfinding Signs

wayfinding-signage-01 wayfinding-signage-02 wayfinding-signage-03

Wayfinding signs are used in many different locations. People would be lost in shopping centres without good directional signs. Hospitals, museums and universities need to direct their patients, patrons and students through the large institutions. Airports also have a need for high quality wayfinding signage.


Reception Signs

Reception Signs

reception-sign-01 reception-sign-02

First impressions last. Make a striking and professional statement to all your customers and clients at the first point of contact. Incorporate your logo, colours and graphics in a combination of applications including 3-Dimensional, acrylic, aluminium or vinyl to enhance your company profile.

  • Impressive display of corporate image
  • Many design options - acrylic, aluminium, painted timber, glass, laminates, vinyl, digital graphics, 3-D lettering & logos
  • Variety of finishes available - frosted, vinyl and sprayed (paint) backings


Vehicle Branding

Branding your vehicle or also called Wrapping your vehicle is like a mobile billboard. By wrapping your fleet vehicles you will be sure to always be seen by the public.


Light Box Signs

Light box Signs

lightbox-01 lightbox-02 lightbox-03

Light box signage, an illuminated statement day and night. Lightboxes and illuminated signage increase visibility of your premises. They are less expensive and easier to maintain than neon. We can custom build a light box to your requirements or replace the panels in your existing unit.


  • Illuminated statement day and night
  • Increase visibility with backlit graphics
  • Less expensive and easier to maintain than neon
  • Custom built light boxes or replacement panels made for existing unit